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Finding a parking spot at an airport that sees close to 10 million passengers passing through its terminals is an example of just how busy the London Luton airport can be, especially during its peak time. Between families planning their vacations and business executives catching flights for their all-important meetings, looking for a space to park your vehicle can be a tedious task to say the very least.

London Luton airport is the UK’s fifth busiest airport and with new schedules being introduced by airlines now and then, it may as well remain at that spot or climb higher. To avoid any last minute delays and frustrations, it would be smartest to pre-book a parking spot. Often, booking parking spots online is a way you can assure your vehicle will be in safe hands while you are travelling. It also happens to be the easiest way to save a few pounds for your parking space.

Pre-booking parking spots at the Luton airport comes with neat little advantages of its own.

You can save a decent sum of money, amounting to nearly 50%, when you book online

You can choose between on-airport and off-site parking

You can also select from short term, mid-term and long term parking options

The pre-booking agencies often have promo codes that can get you additional discounts for your parking spot.

Short Term Parking

This parking option is perfect for people who intend to return on the same day. Their charges start at £3.80 for 30 minutes of parking space to £ 36.00 for 24 hours. However, these rates apply only if you haven’t pre-booked your parking spot. If you book your parking spot online and in advance, then you’ll definitely get a much better deal. Suppose you have come to the airport only to pick or drop someone off, then this option would be perfect for you as you can choose from up to 30 minutes of parking time to even up to 45 minutes, one, two or three hours. People who have come on their motorcycles can park their vehicle free of cost, no charges apply to them.

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