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About Us

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Short term parking available in Luton airport is the prime parking service of the airports many parking offerings. You don’t need to transfer, you can easily walk through the covered walkway to reach the airport terminal.

The car part uses whats called Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology. This enables you to use short term parking just by entering in your license plate number when you buy your ticket. Please bring a physical copy of your booking with you when you go to park.

You can save substantial amounts of money by pre-booking your parking in advance. The earlier you book, the greater the savings are. If you just show up at short term parking without a booking, then you will be subject to the following rates:

30 minutes – 3.80 pounds

45 minutes – 6.50 pounds

1 hour – 7.90 pounds

2 hours – 11 pounds

3 hours – 15 pounds

6 hours – 18 pounds

24 hours – 36 pounds

For every extra day, you will be subject to a 36 pound fee per day. It”s recommended you pay by debit because there is no charge for using a debit card. Credit cards recieve a 1.95 pound fee when using the Pay on Foot machines.

Entering Short Term Parking

All you need to do is press the ticket button at the entrance, and a ticket will be printed out for you. On this ticket there will be your license plate number, along with your booking reference number. Should the parking machine fail to recognise your vehicles license plate, you just need to take a ticket from the entrance. Then you can follow the directions to the nearest parking space and go to your closest bus station. You should arrive 30 minutes before your planes airport check-in opens.

Exiting Short Term Parking

To get out it is quite easy. All you need to do is drive up to the exit and place the ticket you got at the entrance into the column. The barrier just raises up and you are free to drive through.

Should you see a charge displayed at the exit, you can call the intercom and give them your booking number. If you have any problems at the exit, just call the intercom and they will solve any problems you have.

Please be warned that if your car has been inside the short term parking for longer than you paid for, there will be an additional fee that you will have to pay. You will see how much money you owe (if you have overstayed) and can pay immediately using a credit card or a debit card.


The short term parking area is in a very convenient location in Luton airport. You can walk to the terminal through a covered walkway. Your vehicle will be safely stored in a highly secure area with 24/7 guards and CCTV. Strategic security lighting and high security fencing will keep your vehicle safe from harm while your away.

Services For The Disabled

You can connect to the airport terminal using the walkway. There are specially designated blue parking stalls located at the front of the parking lot for the disabled. A special assistance help point is also available in the short term parking zone. If you have a blue badge, congratulations, you are entitled to 60 minutes of free parking. Should you wish to claim your free parking, please take your blue badge to the Priority Parking Office for validation. You should be warned that if you overstay the 60 free minutes you will be charged for the entire time you’ve been there, from the moment you have arrived.

If you belong to a large group of disabled travelers, please contact the airport ahead of time with your requirements. Should you be using a motor wheelchair, please call APCOA ahead of time at: 0845-303-7397 or email for assistance.

Restricted Vechicles

Please be aware that you cannot park trailers, caravans, motor homes or lorries in the short term parking area. Regardless of if you book multiple spaces to accommodate them. These vehicles are strictly prohibited from short term parking. You can however park your motorcycle for free in the short term parking lot.

Colour Coded

Fortunatly Luton Airport has color coded their parking lots for ease of use. In order to find the short term parking lot, you just need to search for the yellow coded parking zone.

While it is true that parking at the airport is usually more expensive than parking off-site, you can experience substantial savings by pre-booking your parking. Doing so allows you to save up to 50% of the price of parking. This is why short term parking doesn’t have to be expensive.


The on-site short term parking of Luton airport has been awarded the Park Mark seal of approval. This award is given to exceptionally safe parking lots which meet all of park marks stringent requirements. The award is backed by the British Parking Association which accredits parking lots for safer parking.

It was created by the Association of Chief Police Officers to increase safety and security in UK parking lots. Every parking lot which is approved is inspected by a police officer and guaranteed for its quality and security. It guarantees members of the public that the management of the parking lot, and its features, are up to the standards of the UK Chief of Police Offices association.

Using a Sat Nav System

If you own and use a Sat Nav system then you can use it to help you navigate to the airport conveniently. All you need to do is enter in the postal code LU2 9LY.

If you prefer to use coordinates, you can punch in: 51.879458 Latitude/Longitude

Just follow the directions and you will arrive at the airport accordingly. Once you have arrived, follow the directions to short term parking, keep a look out for the yellow parking zone.

Will I Need To Transfer to The Terminal?

No. You will not need to transfer from short term parking to the airport terminal because the terminal is easily accessible via the covered walkway. This fast and convenient method means that you can check in after just a brief walk from your parking space.

How Do I Find A Parking Space?

Finding a parking space in the short term parking zone is very easy. You just need to follow the well lit signs upon entering short term parking. Follow the directions and you will be automatically guided to the nearest open space for your vehicle.

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