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Luton Airport Long Stay Parking

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The long term car parking zone can be easily found just 10 minutes away from the airport terminal. You get great value for your money, and the parking zone is acceptable for all lengths of stay. Luton Airport is one of the biggest airports in the United Kingdom, and carries over 9.5 million+ passengers per year. It is directly responsible for over 500 jobs and is indirectly responsible for 8000 jobs. It helps to drive the economy in the surrounding area, and is a popular place for low cost travel.

How To Get To Long Stay Parking

When you get to the airport terminal you will want to look for the pink signs labelled Long Term Parking. When you have gotten inside ensure you pick up a ticket and follow the directions to the closest open parking space. Make sure you remember where you left your vehicle, along with which bus stop brings you closest to it. From there you will want to go to the nearest bus stop. It is a brief and comfortable 10 minute journey from the long term parking location to the airport.

There are also specially designated parking spaces for the elderly and the disabled. Complete shuttle access for the disabled is available 24/7. There is also a help point for special assistance needs that allows disabled customers to call for no-charge assistance in checking in.

When You Come Back

When you arrive back in Luton Airport it is a simple and easy procedure to reach your car at long term parking. You just need to look for Bus Stop #2. There you will find a free shuttle bus available that will take you directly to the Long Term Car parking lot. You just need to drive on through the exit, along with providing your booking number to the intercom. The barrier will be opened and you will be able to drive straight through. If you should experience any problems while attempting to exit just press the intercom and give your booking number.

You are also able to pay at this time for your parking, if you have not paid for it ahead of time. You can choose to pay by either debit card or credit card.

You can also walk to a “Pay On Foot” machine inside of the airport terminal or in the parking lot before going to your vechicle. You will be provided with a reciept along with an exit ticket. You just need to drive your vechicle through the exit, then insert your ticket for exiting, and finally the barrier opens and you are free to leave. If you have lost your ticket you will be charged the full daily rate.

If you should be in a large group of disabled passengers or a part of a tour, it is recommend that you call ahead of time to arrange assistance.

Should you be travelling using a powered wheelchair, then you should contact: APCOA at 0845-303-7397/ 07809-492373


Long Term Parking Rates

Luton Airport offers long stay parking at a daily rate of 15.20 per day or a part of that rate for less than a full day.

If you use a debit card you wont have any additional charges to pay for. However, should you use a credit card you will have an additional 1.95 pound processing fee.

Here is a great tip: Book your parking ahead of time and you will get up to 50% off the daily rate. The earlier you book, the better the rates are.

Picking Up and Dropping Off

You can drop off or pick up using the priority set down service. It costs only 2 pounds for up to 15 minutes of priority set down. If you are there for longer than thirty minutes you will be charged an additional fee. You also may not return back to the priority zone within a 4 hour period.

For safety reasons you are asked not to stop, or let passengers in or out on the roads which lead up to the Airport. That includes letting passengers out at the bus lanes. You will be charged 80 pounds if you violate this rule. Security cameras are around the perimeter and enforcement staff can photograph your plate number and bill you through the mail. Fortunately the fee can be dropped down to 40 pounds if you pay it within 14 days.

Free Pick Up and Drop Off

You are also able to get 30 minutes of free pick up or drop off at the mid term parking lot. You can transfer from the mid term lot to the airport terminal every 2 minutes using the free shuttle.

Getting To Luton Airport by Road

It is easier than you might imagine to get to Luton Airport if you are driving. You can quickly and easily access the airport by road through M1 and M25 in Central London. The airport is about 32 miles from the north of London. For your convenience here is the distance between Luton Airport and other major surrounding cities: Oxford – 50 miles Cambridge – 35 miles Bedford – 22 miles Milton Keynes -25 miles If you are using a navigation system on your car, you can find the airport by entering in the postal code: LU2 9QT. The latitude of the airport is 51.879458 The longitude is -0.370445 If you want to go from the eat to the airport you can take the A505 dual carriageway which passes through Hitchin. You will easily see the airport from the signposts. Taking the M25 can be done from the west. If you are coming from Dunstable you just need to follow the signs. You can also travel through the M40/M25 and then exit on Junction 10. You exit M25 on Junction 21 to access M1.

North London to the airport is just 30 minutes. Getting To Luton Airport by Train The trains run regularly and can take you to the airport in 21 minutes on the East Midlands Trains or 25 minutes through the First Capital Connect trains. If you arrive at the airport without a through ticket and want the shuttle bus you will need to pay an additional fee of 1.50 pound. Getting To Luton Airport by Coach You can also travel to the airport by coach on the National Express which departs from bays 4, 5, and 6 to destinations all around the UK. You can get directly to Luton Airport by taking number 707 to Northampton, it travels 7 times per day. You can also take number 737 to High Wycombe and Oxford, its available 8 times per day. There is number 787 to Cambridge available 10 times per day.

Enjoy your stay at Luton Airport, and happy parking!

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