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Disabled Parking at Luton Airport

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There are disabled parking services available in all three of Luton Airports sections; short, medium, and long term parking zones. You can also experience substantial savings if you book your parking in advance.

Short Term Parking Services

If you are a blue badge holding disabled customer, there are parking spaces available exclusively for blue badge holders at the front of the parking zone. Blue badge holders are given 45 minutes of parking for the price of 30 minutes. Please take your blue badge to the Priority Parking Office for validation after you have parked your vehicle.

There is also a special assistance help zone available should you require any assistance.

Medium and Long Term Parking Services

There is also parking available exclusively for disabled customers in both the long term and medium term parking zones. A full access bus is available for going to the airport terminal. Drivers are happy to help disabled passengers to enter and exit the bus if requested.

At the midterm parking lot as a disabled customer you will be entitled to free drop off, free pick up, and free parking for up to 30 minutes. However if you overstay the 30 free minutes you will be required to pay the full price from when you first arrived.


In both zones there is also a special help point for any disabled clientele who require help while visiting the airport. If you are in a large group of disabled customers, please call the airport ahead of time with your needs at 0845-303-7397 or email

Using The Drop off Zone

Disabled customers may make use of the drop off zone for a fee of two pounds for 15 minutes maximum. If you intend to stay for longer please use the short term car parking zone. There you will find free assistance and the specially designated help zone.

Disabled Services at Luton Airport

At luton airport you will find several facilities available for your use.

Access doors for disability customers

Accessible toilets


Induction loops

Accessible payphones

Personal assistance from trained staff

Accessible equipment for embarkation and disembarkation from the airplane

Entering The Terminal Via Accessible Services

If you want to enter the airport terminal and are disabled, it is recommended you use doors #2 and #5 which are designed to accommodate disabled persons. You can make your way to a special assistance help point and from there you will be guided to the disabled friendly entrances.

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